Gotham City Electric

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Rock Bottom Prices, Quality Service
Take Advantage of Our Great Prices
For your electric needs, Gotham City Electric has got you covered. Keep your electrical system running smoothly and efficiently by choosing us. Get the most value for your money by taking advantage of the benefits we offer. You don't need coupons, and you don’t need to be a veteran, a senior citizen, a disabled citizen, or a student to get our low prices and quality work!

A Notice to All Consumers
When a contractor claims he's a one-man operation, the state of New York does not require him to carry compensation insurance! That means that if you hire someone without compensation insurance to work for you and they are injured on the job, they can sue you- and they will win! Always ask to see a contractor's insurance certificates before they start your job, to prevent any hassle and headaches that may arise. Or, you could hire Gotham City Electric for all your electrical needs- we carry compensation, unlike many of our competitors, for your peace of mind and safety.

Contact Us for Electrical Estimates
Start planning your electrical remodeling project by getting free service estimates from our professionals. Feel free to contact us today to book an appointment or to learn more about the services we offer. Our friendly technicians are more than happy to help with anything related to the electrical needs of your home, office, or business establishment.